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theatrical effects

Clouds & Snow

Imagine a romantic love story and being whisked above the clouds. The lights dim, The spotlight is on you and the first dance of the evening is about to begin. Dry ice creates a flume of floor hugging clouds. Your photographer is snapping pictures of your stunning first dance. Also for that ultimate first dance "wow" factor we can add wireless led lights that can illuminate the clouds to any color you choose.

Co2 Cannon Blast


Wow the guests with our new LED Co2 Cannon Blast! Cool Blast of air to excite any crowd. Perfect to add some extra energy & fun, Use it for Grand entrance or that perfect dance set and have the dance floor go from a 10 to 100 in a few seconds. Will not set off fire alarms & 100% safe. As seen in most night club venues.

Cold Sparkler Gun

New 2024

Make an everlasting impact at your next event. Our brand new fully wireless safe indoor cold sparkler gun is going to make your party sparktacular! Take the traditional machine off the floor and in your hands for a grand entrance or key highlight photo op. Perfect for weddings, sweet 16s, mitzvahs or anyone that wants to command the spotlight. It's truly amazing effect.

Amusements &  Carnival 

Having an outdoor movie screen? Or a themed party and want to add more excitement? We can provide many carnival style games, food amusements, such as popcorn or cotton candy. We also can take your Bar/Bat Mitzvah to the next level with a real baseball speed pitch cage and radar. We also offer standup money machines, air hockey, pinball. Contact us for more details on these and other attractions. 

CO2 Confetti 

Bring excitement and flair to you're event with CO2 canon that can shoot confetti 25-40 ft into the air for the first kiss to the last danceFrom grand openings, to sporting events, Grand entrance, and last dance of the night. everyone loves confetti. looks spectacular in photos. It's like having an indoor firework show.


Indoor Cold
Indoor wedding cold sparklers. Imagine that moment when you walk in the room for your grand entrance and 15ft high sparklers shoot up, Or your first dance captured forever for that perfect romantic picture. 100% safe, No Flame, No Smoke, Can be used multiple times. You create the look with your choice from a pair or up to 8 machines. Ask about our 360 spin sparklers & Cold sparklers rentals for all events
DJ Setups, Tvs, Projection

Would you love to show your guests a photo montage during your reception dinner? We’ve got you covered with our huge 60” & 65" Ultra 4K HD TVs or LED walls, Screens are mounted on tall stands for all to see. We create a Love Story Montage that gives everyone a chance to reflect & enjoy the fun. We can even have one of our photographers take pictures of your guests throughout your event and instantly display them on the screen throughout the night, Maybe show your monogram & The DJ can mix music videos as well.

Inflatable Movie Screens

Our Jumbo 16ft high inflatable screens with movie theater style HD picture & surround sound to capture a summer nights outdoor movie like never before. Picture having a drive in movie right in your own backyard, Watch the game or super size a slide show. Music videos with DJ, School events, Grand openings. Whatever you want to show BIG we can do it. Click here FAQ

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