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As a young girl Tori received a point and shoot Sony camera as a gift which she became extremely close with. Growing up in a small house meant spending a lot of time outdoors experimenting and getting familiar with her camera. Over the next few years she saved up for her first DSLR Sony camera mostly shooting animals and landscapes. She knew one day that this was not only going to be a hobby but a career path. She received her associates degree from Middlesex County College in 2016 learning more about lighting and indoor photography as she was already comfortable with natural and outdoor photography


To this day Tori is loyal to the Sony Brand as her gear collection has increased and upgraded over the years. In 2020 she will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Kean University. She wanted to build off her photography skills and get a Bachelor's degree in something that could help her in the field of photography. Through this journey she realized her main focus is to capture natural and emotional photographs that tell a story while still achieving posed and dramatic looks.

Her lively, bright, and easy going personality makes it easy to showcase this focus through her work. She loves to travel, meet new people and try new things. Tori’s overall goal is to make sure her clients and their friends and family can have positive everlasting memories wherever her work is considered. 

Bride & Bouquet
Bride & Groom Kiss In The Rain
Engagement Shoot
Seaside Wedding
Kisses & Bubbles
Bridal Party
Fall onsite engagement
Engagement Shoot
NJ Best Photography
Bride & Groom


Live, Love & Laugh.That is Jose's life mantra! He brings those words to life when he is out shooting your wedding! More then a career, photography is his passion. Since making the decision to pursue a life-long love of photography, he has never looked back .Today, Jose combines his artistic eye with his strong attention to detail to create breathtaking images that are both playful and elegant. He believes each photograph should be alive with energy and emotion, he works with a freestyle approach that artfully blends traditional and photojournalistic elements.

He has worked hard to develop the technical skills it requires to take consistently strong photographs. His warm and charming personality makes him a joy to work with.

Jose has been shooting weddings for more than 12 years and he likes to play with Canon!
He has a variety of lenses with allows him to capture those special moments in unique and creative ways.

Jose has been featured in various publications such as The Knot, New Jersey Bride, 201 Bride, etc and also on shows such as TLC's Four Weddings and Producer Kelly Ripa's TV show Masters of Reception.



Jay started his photography career at the age of 13 assisting his father shooting weddings with film cameras! Today Jay's father occasionally assists him!

Jay is a down to earth person and easy to get along with. He makes everyone feel comfortable and beautiful to create the most natural looking pictures. Jay's personality comes through in his pictures by creating fun, unique, and creative images.  


Your photographer is the ONLY person (besides a planner) involved with your wedding who you spend all day with, so wouldn't you want to make sure you get along with them? 


Jay has many hobbies from hiking and fishing to fitness and food trucks. He wears Converse and eats tacos every Tuesday. He was a former firefighter for 10 years and currently also teaches photography. So you'll have plenty to relate to. 


If you are looking to create something truly special to tell the story about your day, Jay is the perfect photographer for you. 

Summer Wedding
Sunset Fall Shot
Bridal Party In The Rain
Lazy Summer Days
Rustic Kiss
Outdoor Photo Shoot
Wedding Party Bubbles
Sunset Shot
Pre Reception Photo Shoot
Seaside Wedding
Feel Like A Kid Again
Photo Shoot At The Stable
High Speed Train Kiss
NYC SkyLine Couple
Engagement Shoot
After The Big Wedding
Seaside Wedding
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