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Ambient Up Lighting
Transform the inside or outside of your venue into something Amazing and unique. Choose from a variety of themes to set the mood that’s right for you. All of our fixtures offer the latest in wireless technology. Our LED lighting assuring you the highest quality & unlimted choice in color, No more unsightly cables and duct tape on the floor for your guests to trip over.
3D Graphic Lasers

State of the art multi function 3D Laser that can project your special day or company logo in mid air. Add stunning aerial effects, like the “Liquid Sky” and “Hot Beam” effect to name a few.From the famous nightlife venues to a rock concert. Our lasers can produce amazing effects.

Monogram Static Projection

Personalize your event with Style & Elegance. Choose from one of many templates and fonts, (Click Here Samples) From the simple to most elegant. Custom monograms can be projected onto walls, ceilings, dance floors, and more! They add a touch of elegance to your special day. Use the same design on photo booth template for guests to remember your special day.

Animated 3D Monogram

Add a touch of elegance & excitement to your affair. Our 3D high powered projection moving monograms come to life and play on a loop throughout the entire event. Perfect for Weddings, Sweet 16's, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs & Grand openings. If you want to have your name appear behind a sweetheart table with moving graphics & effects, Then this is the monogram for you. We can add special effects such as fades, pixie dust, ghost font & more, let us project your custom monogram on almost any wall, dance floor or ceiling for an unforgettable evening. (Click Here Samples)


We offer various lighting packages to suit any of your needs from Up Lighting to Dance Lighting to personalized color choice. Our most popular lighting packages are our Intelligent LED Light Show and LED Up Lighting. Tell us what color you want the venue to be and it's done in a snap! Want to have moving lights to ignite energy and excitement? Want to have the lights flash and mix colors like a nightclub feel? No problem. You say it, we can make it happen.  

LED Robot & Co2 Blast Cannon

Bring the fun & excitement to any party with our professional LED robot standing over 8ft tall with a costume filled with 100s of color changing bright leds. This is sure to turn heads and elevate the dance floor to a dancing frenzy. Once the crowd works up a sweat, The robot will emit a blast of ice cold Co2 from his handheld cannon,  Which can shoot over 25ft over the entire dance floor.

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